The Side Effects to Expect when you Use a Peptide


A Peptide is one of the most popular compounds that athletes have access to today. Yet, much as popular this compound is, many athletes don't really know much, especially when it comes to the side effects. As a cautious bodybuilder who wants to get the perfect body while not compromising on your health or even your capacity to participate in competitions, it is only natural that you seek first to know the side effects of a peptide you intend to use.

Like every other medicine or supplement, a peptide will come with some side effects, even if they might not be obvious. Still, there are many people who don't seem to be affected by the use of this incredible compound in any way. There are many other instances that the side effects which are negative for one person can be considered to be favorable for another. A good example is when you get more hair or sleep more. For some people, this could be a bad thing while for others this is a welcome aspect of a peptide.

Some common side effects

  • A red bump at the injection area may appear which is made by the needle and for some people the irritation of the skin. The injection area can also be itchy.
  • Over retention of water in the body. This can be caused by overuse of a peptide The best remedy is to reduce the dosage.
  • Increased hunger or appetite. They ignite the action of leptin and ghrelin compounds which are responsible for appetite control.
  • Dry mouth, increased tiredness, and yawning are also likely to be experienced.
  • The nails and hair grow at a faster rate.
  • For some people, there will be weight loss while for others it will be the opposite -weight gain.

Serious side effects associated with the use of a peptide

  • The skin starts to freckle and the moles start darkening. You should keep a close watch and seek medical attention.
  • Pain in the kidneys. For some people, the pain might be extreme. You might also experience stress on the liver as well as the kidney. Stop using any peptides and see a doctor to have your blood system checked.
  • When you experience headaches, ensure that you take ample water. In the case of joint pain, stop using the peptide immediately and see a doctor.
  • For some people, blood pressure is a side effect.
  • For people who have blood pressure issues, they should first seek the advice of their medical doctor before trying out any of this compound.


The only way to ensure that you are safe with a peptide is to ensure that you follow the instructions given to the letter. While these instructions will help you know what to do when you see some side effects, they also play a critical role in helping reduce the occurrence of the same. It is also good to first know all the side effects associated with a particular peptide so as to know in advance whether it is a good outcome or not.